Foyer Handicap


The Foyer-Handicap Foundation is celebrating its 50th anniversary. 50 years of fighting and making spectacular advances in the field of disability. This is an opportunity to remind the Foundation’s partners and the general public of the importance of its mission.

The anniversary will take place over a year and will include a series of actions and events to raise awareness on the issue of disability. The Foundation wants to raise awareness through a presence in the French-speaking media, a conference at the University of Geneva and the publication of a commemorative book.

Agency mandate

  • Communications strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Events
  • Support for digital communications
  • Edition


Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo is invited to “Couleurs locales”.

Foyer-Handicap’s work in the Tribune de Genève.

The Tribune de Genève highlights the conference organized for Foyer-Handicap’s 50th anniversary.

L’agence est responsable de projet et d’édition de la publication du livre commémoratif qui retrace les 50 ans d’histoire de la Fondation Foyer-Handicap.

Couleurs locales revient sur la conférence organisée par Foyer-Handicap à l’UNIGE.

The agency publishes the commemorative book which retraces 50 years of history of the Fondation Foyer-Handicap.