Communications strategy

Are your company’s communications aligned with your business strategy? Does your project deserve public interest? Does your organization want to improve its image or build a good reputation? Does your initiative need to convince the public? Does your institution want to raise funds?

At the moment, your company, start-up or institution’s “communications” function is not a priority in terms of strategy or resources, or it only comes into play when the project is at the end of the line? However, communications is a strategic function that must be integrated as early as possible. It is an essential part of a strategy that will lead your project, your launch, your discovery, your team to the success it deserves.

The de facto agency is an expert in consulting and strategic thinking, in positioning and territory of communications, in auditing and strategic recommendations, in improving the image and reputation of an organization. We work directly with executives, communications directors and project managers and accompany them at every stage from audit to evaluation of results.

The de facto communications agency puts its strategic expertise at your service:

  • Audit and strategic review
  • Consulting and strategic thinking
  • Communications strategy and action plan recommendation
  • Positioning and territory of communications
  • Support and strategic watch

«Communications is the only way to make a strategy work. You can’t implement a strategy without communicating the ins and outs of it. If more managers were aware of this fact, they might act differently. »

Paul Argenti