Media Training

Are you the leader or spokesperson for your organization? Will be appearing in the media? Have you been contacted by a journalist and need preparation? Do you wish to convey your messages in the most effective way? Do you want to be ready to communicate in the media during a crisis?

The communication agency de facto offers a comprehensive and customized range of training for leaders, spokespersons, communication teams, and anyone wishing to be prepared for speaking in front of the media, an exercise that can prove to be challenging. 

The media remains one of the most effective communication channels for conveying messages and building or preserving reputation. The media world operates with its own rules, and preparation is necessary to maximize the impact of your communication and avoid pitfalls.

 The communication agency de facto offers its strategic expertise in:

  • Training on principles governing communication with the media
  • Training for leaders and spokespersons
  • Preparation for an interview (print, social media, radio, and television)
  • Storytelling, argumentation, and defining key messages
  • Speaking in front of a camera (verbal and non-verbal communication)
  • Effective communication in times of crisis

“Does anyone have any questions for my answers?”

—Henry A. Kissinger