Litigation PR

Litigation PR is focused on managing communication before, during, and after a trial or legal dispute. Its goal is to limit potential damage to the reputation of a company or individual and foster a positive public perception through a targeted communication strategy.

 In a hyper-connected world, the way legal disputes are perceived by the public can have consequences for reputation as significant as the legal outcome itself. The communication agency de facto understands the realities of the legal world, the nuances of legal cases, and offers personalized support to legal professionals and their clients.

The communication agency de facto offers its strategic expertise in:

  • Developing targeted communication strategies
  • Managing media relations
  •  Writing argumentations and key messages
  • Simplifying and clarifying legal jargon
  • Media training
  • Managing communication during a crisis

“In this era, nothing weighs as much as public opinion. With it, nothing can fail; against it, nothing can succeed.”

—Abraham Lincoln